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AllMusic Review byDavid Crone

Not two seconds into his sixth LP,CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST,Tyler, the Creatorboldly stakes his claim with rap: ""Y'all ready?" booms the voice ofDJ Drama, before the iconic "GANGSTA GRIZZILZ" tag jolts the album to life. Hosted by the legendary master-of-ceremonies,Tyler's latest LP imprints all the lessons of the last 8 years onto the raw rap talent of theWolfera, combining visceral verses with expansive layers of production. Working with the likes ofWestside GunnFreddie Gibbs恢复了彻底的乐趣T's verses -- "AARGH, YOU LOOK MALNOURISHED" - as well as bringing the vivid storytelling of the former contrarian into subjects of vast personal import. It proves a sharp left turn after the progressive pop of 2019's伊戈尔-- but one that is realised with an unrelenting passion.

Tyler工作一直是不断增加的调色板的拼凑而成CMIYGL.is his most complex to date. Recurring tricks are masterfully melded into new templates: "RUNITUP!" continues the build-and-burst of "See You Again," "RISE!" folds伊戈尔's layered vocal textures into new visions, and "LEMONHEAD" channelsCherry Bombfor what sounds like an unironic take on粉红色的家伙's "Club Banger 3000." Yet it's equally clear thatTyleris continuing to expand with the sounds of his collaborators -- an intergalactic warble coloursUzi“s”居GGERNAUT” tour-de-force, while yacht-rap lessons fromThe Alchemistmake for a spectacle on “HOT WIND BLOWS” and “SIR BAUDELAIRE.” These new strides find a potent home amongTyler’s powerful-yet-familiar production toolkit; “I been switchin' gears since Tracee Ellis Ross was UPN” he raps on digital-only closer “SAFARI,” its soundscape playing out like a collage of each of his technicolour eras.

As with everyTylerrecord, there’s a plethora of breadcrumbs to follow. The album’s central thread proffers a compelling forbidden-desire narrative, while the scratchy vocals akin to a much-referencedWolf Haleyare enough to make anyone drag their donut-print back out the wardrobe. In the minutiae,CMIYGL.is equally abundant: "SWEET" is the full version of the interlude at the end of 2017's "I Ain't Got Time," while theGravediggazsample on "LUMBERJACK" is a sly wink to a tweet from theBastardera. That’s saying nothing of the cryptic “Tyler Baudelaire”; fans of Charles Baudelaire may find the poet’s resonance in “WILSHIRE” and the album’s stretching, international escapism, though concrete answers remain shrouded.

In a 2011 conversation withNas,Tylerplayed every part the fan: "Nazareth Savage," the rapper exclaims, recalling his favourite sample from the Brooklyn legend, "that s*** is, like, legit as f***." Ten years on,Tylerfinds himself recreating the beat for his own dizzying "MANIFESTO." It proves not only an acknowledgement of his icon, but an apt parallel forCMIYGL.'s daring return to rap: not only doesTylerpossess every ounce of the talent to square up with rap's greats, he now has confidence enough to do so.

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