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AllMusic Review byMatt Collar

Having started out as a genre-bending indie outfit, Boston'sLake Street Divehave matured into sophisticated purveyors of vintage-inspired soul, funk, and adult contemporary pop. It's a sound that helped make 2018's自由的自己such a delightful surprise, and one which they further perfect on their seventh album, 2021's thoughtfully ebullientObviously. Produced with warm clarity byMike Elizondo, the album again showcases the talents of lead singerRachael Price, bassistBridget Kearney, guitaristMike "McDuck" Olson, and drummerMike Calabrese. Also rejoining the group (having initially come aboard in 2017) is their not-so-secret weapon keyboardist/vocalistAkie Bermiss, whose jazzy piano chops and warm vocals help elevate the group's sound throughout. Particularly engaging is "Same Old News," an earthy duet betweenPriceandBermissthat brings to mind the classic '70s work ofRoberta FlackandDonny Hathaway. The band conjures equally potent vibes elsewhere, as on the romantic R&B anthem "Hypotheticals," and the '80sPhil Collins-style ballad "Anymore." There's also a palpable undercurrent of feminism and progressive social consciousness running throughout the album asLake Street Divewrestle with some of the issues their generation and the next seem to be coming to terms with. On "Making Do,"Pricesings, "Killer waves and riots/Coming to the coastline soon...I guess it's hard to be a human/It's еven harder to be not/Whеn you're making do with what you've got." That said, there's never a sense thatLake Street Diveare preaching with heavy hands, and cuts like the bluesy "Hush Money" and the lyrical "Nobody's Stopping You Now" have a universally relatable feeling. That they also evoke the classic album-oriented work of artists likeFleetwood MacandCarly Simonspeaks toLake Street Dive's ever-deepening sense of songcraft.

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