The Avalanches

We Will Always Love You

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yabo电竞appallmusic.Review byAndy Kellman

After inducing the overstimulated feeling of rebounding in a carnival from heartbreak (因为我离开了你)在澳大利亚原住民夏季大篷车(Wildflower),the Avalancheslooked to space for their third album. More specifically,Robbie ChaterToni Di Blasibecame fascinated with the Golden Record, a kind of time capsule aboard NASA's Voyager spacecraft. Plans for a spoken contribution from the creative director of the Voyager Interstellar Message Project,Ann Druyan, fell through, but that's her on the album cover, her image from a television screen snapped by a camera and processed through a spectrograph.德鲁安当她想到的时候记录了脑波Carl Sagan-- with whom she worked and fell in love during the project -- are on the Golden Record. It's that "cosmic love story," asChaterput it, that guided the making ofWe Will Always Love You. Yet another emotional roller coaster, this isthe Avalanches“最长的一个,待在20辆骑手大约20骑士 - 超过那样的艺术家Wildflower- 并在数百个中编号。与以前的旅行有很强的联系Rivers Cuomo-fronted kaleidoscopic pop nugget "Running Red Lights," a desperate romantic chase scene in whichPink Siifualso recites slightly remixed lyrics written by lateWildflower贡献者David Berman: "I sleep three feet above the street/In a pink champagne Corvette/Fly out into space/Listen to the music the stars are making/Without a flicker of regret." Those lines are representative of an album where so much happens -- in painstakingly connected and sometimes overlapping fashion -- that dozens of listens are required to process all the information.Cola BoyyMick Jonestransmit from the indie disco of an interplanetary craft to pay tribute toKaren Carpenteron "We Go On."Perry Farrell, backed by a spectral choir, does his musical healer thing, singing about love and light on another loping dancefloor groove. The biggest triumph is probably the graceful fusion of a looped line fromAlan Parsons项目's anti-surveillance soft-rock classic "Eye in the Sky" with a genuinely consoling original vocal fromLeon Bridges, heard in the chugging "Interstellar Love." The album's stronger dancefloor emphasis in relation toWildflower在整个“神圣的和弦”中也是觉得合作MGMTJohnny Marrthat evokes the same twirling, heart-aflutter daze as "Since I Left You." Another clever aspect of the album is thatthe Avalanchesmake room for artists whose solo debuts made splashes big enough to be measured against all subsequent output. In addition toSananda Maitreya(原名Terence Trent D'Arby) andTricky, 有Neneh Cherry, provider of the most urgent vocal through "Wherever You Go," a call for togetherness with roots in early Chicago house. Overall, the guest artists are more attuned here withChaterDi Blasi,谁似乎比商业预期更常客更多地负担更多。口袋一些组织并保持紧张。


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