Hurricane Protection Products That Won't Change the Aesthetics of Your Building

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If you're a condo association manager or a member of the board, finding hurricane protection products that don't alter the aesthetics of your building is difficult. In addition to keeping your curb appeal, you’ll still want to meet the requirements of the佛罗里达州飓风百叶窗的法律.

当你想到的时候“proper” hurricane protection,您可能会想到完全覆盖窗户并破坏建筑物的铝制飓风百叶窗。然而,多年来飓风保护已经走得很长,市场上有许多不同类型的飓风保护产品。

Whether you're creating your hurricane protection policy or looking to recommend a visually pleasing product to your residents, here are three hurricane protection products that won't change the aesthetics of your condo building:

1. Hurricane Impact Windows

Impact windows are perfect for condo owners because they look just like regular windows — but don't let the looks fool you. Even though they look just like regular windows,飓风e impact windowsare a much safer option for your condo building.

There are several types of hurricane impact windows to choose from including:

  • Single-hung窗口。
  • 水平滚轮窗。
  • 窗户/投影窗口。
  • 图片窗口。



Impact windows also provide protection of your valuables from ultraviolet (UV) light damage and improve energy efficiency. These windows are perfect for reducing solar heat gain in the summer and retaining heat during winter evenings.

2. Hurricane Shutters

如果您有几个窗户保护,飓风百叶窗是一个安全,经济高效的选择。有三种主要类型yabo.netperfect for condo buildings: roll down shutters, accordion shutters, and Bahama shutters.


When not in use, this durable aluminum shutter rolls up into a stylish hood. Since these shutters do not have to stay in place year-round, this is a visually appealing option that still provides protection for your condo building during the hurricane season.



呸ama Shutters


呸ama shutters are mounted to the exterior of a home at a 45-degree angle and mount right above your window. Although the main function of Bahama shutters is to provide hurricane protection, they also offer additional privacy and are great light regulators.


Hurricane screens protect wind-driven rain and flying debris from entering the home, and they're ideal for larger openings such as lanais, balconies, storefronts, and entryways. For unit owners with balconies,飓风e screens是保护阳台和通往设备的门的好方法。


There are many different types of systems, but theI-Beam Track Systemis perfect for condos. The I-Beam Track System is attached to the home with a track along the top. It's permanently mounted to the home, and the screen slides off to the sides when not in use. Since the track is permanently installed, it can be conveniently used as an everyday shield from the sun or rain. The tracks are also customizable to fit curved balconies or lanais.

4. Hurricane Impact Doors



Beautiful Options for a Safer Condo Building

Hurricane protection doesn't have to ruin the aesthetics of your condo building! There are several different types of products that can actually enhance the look of your building and maintain the aesthetic you already have.

如果您希望向您的单位所有者和居民提供建议,那么上述四个产品提供了优异的飓风保护 - 而且它们看起来也很好!有关最佳产品的更多信息,以保护您的Condo Building为即将到来的飓风季节,联系我们.


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