冬天谈到了所有人(学习后的小时)yabo电竞app比尔&ted面对音乐soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy) to discuss his discoveries from Zappa's vault, why he loves telling complex stories, and how watching Zappa's famously awfulSaturday Night Live集关于iconoc小时候他改变了主意lastic figure at the heart of his new film.Zappa可根据要求开始于11月27日。

AllMusic: You manage to have Frank narrate his own story as much as possible, was that the skeleton around which you built the rest of the film?




We wanted to physically connect him to that space. It was a living thing, he'd work on the vault like he'd work on his music.


The tip-off that we had was in the early preservation days, we started getting back duplicate media, and we panicked, because we had such limited resources and it was so expensive, we thought, "Oh no, we're preserving multiples," which would be a titanic waste of money and time, but upon further scrutiny, we realized it wasn't a multiple. He'd take a piece of super-8 film, dupe it, and then he'd re-cut it and draw on it and put that to music and dump it on video. So the vault was itself a giant artistic archival project of his that he never stopped tinkering with.


I think it was its own reward, it didn't have this sense of hubris, as if it was in the service of his legacy with a capital L. It really felt like the way he dealt with the rest of his art and life, he liked making things, he liked working on things. I'd never be presumptuous about what his thinking was, but the impression I got was that it was almost like a gymnasium for him, not exactly a way to relax, but a way to experiment with and explore things, which may have informed greater work or projects that he was doing musically.

AllMusic: You include a clip where he talks about how much he loves editing, did that put pressure on you and your team to edit it in his style?




We don't have any talking heads in the film until after he gets to L.A., which is the beginning of act two. His entire upbringing and early years up until he formedthe Mothersare all from his perspective, all with footage that he mostly shot himself. The idea was to lay a foundation so you can make your own mind up about whether you like the guy or not, but at least you'd know who he was.









I think he saw innate talent in people and he nurtured that talent, and discovered and launched many careers, like史蒂夫·沃伊阿德里安贝雷恩那Ruth Underwood, amazing people who went out into the world and made extraordinary music that started with Zappa. He had the reputation for using people in that way, and from spending so much time watching him in rehearsals with band members, he was much more collaborative than people understood. I think it's very easy for myths to grow, especially around rock and roll musicians, which is almost all myth and very little substance. But I think that he was actually very collaborative, while he also had a desire to hear what he had written played well and played properly, but often those artists were bringing more of their own life to it than people recognize.

AllMusic: I enjoyed seeing the footage of him hosting 'Saturday Night Live,' that's one of the show's more notorious episodes.


AllMusic: What was it that jumped out at you?

It was his persona, he was obviously a musician who had much more going on than his interest in playing that type of music. It just really struck me that there was something special about the way he was coming at the world. I don't remember the skits, I guess because they were so bad, but I remember him vividly fromSNL.and that perking me up and making me say, "This isn't just some noodly guy that my brother's friends listen to, there's more depth and substance to him."






I never really thought about it, he'd been gone so long when we made the film. I have a lot of respect for him, and I had a lot of respect making the film, and I considered him sitting behind us in the edit room, and Gail [Zappa's late wife] as well, and thought, "I'm not going to make a film for them, that's impossible, but I'm certainly going to make an effort to do something that has this respect and gratitude baked into it," so that was on my mind.