Differences Between Tropical Storm vs. Hurricanes & How to Prepare

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如果您是佛罗里达州西南海岸的本土或长期居民,您可能知道热带系统的一两件事。But if you’re new to the area, or are planning to move to the Naples, Cape Coral, or Fort Myers area soon, you’ll want to brush up on tropical storms and hurricanes—specifically, how to prepare your home or business for these dangerous storms.


When the conditions are right in tropical waters, a closed wind system, called atropical cyclone, can develop. If sustained wind speeds increase, the tropical cyclone grows into a tropical depression and is then classified as a tropical storm if sustained winds reach speeds of 39mph. As soon as a tropical storm develops, the国家飓风中心names it to reduce confusion for times when there are multiple active storms.

If the winds of a tropical storm increase to over 74mph, the storm keeps its name but is considered a hurricane.The only difference between tropical storms and hurricanes is that hurricanes have stronger sustained winds.Hurricanes are rated by category from one to five. Hurricanes that rate at least a 4 on theSaffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scalehave wind speeds of 130 mph or more and are known to cause catastrophic damage if they land.



Just because they may not be as intense and the wind speeds are lower than a hurricane, doesn’t mean you should write off tropical storms. If a tropical storm is still over warm waters (like the Gulf), it has the potential to intensify, sometimes quickly, into a hurricane.

此外,热带风暴仍然可以引起风暴潮,甚至“摊位”,使风暴减速到爬行并坐在一个地方。这意味着大雨和恒定的强风,这可能会对您的家或业务的严重收费 - 如果您没有准备好storm protection.


When it comes to preparing for a tropical storm vs. a hurricane, prepare for the worst in every scenario, and hope for the best. When considering protecting your home or business, erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea. You should准备well ahead of the hurricane season — which runs from June to October — and also check all weak points of your home after each storm.


Consider these飓风保护类型for your home or business:

  • Flood barriers.A hurricane barrier, such as sandbags, can protect your home from flood damage during both tropical storms and hurricanes.
  • Hurricane shutters and screens.飓风百叶窗可以在风暴期间保护窗户,包括几种类型,如Bahama飓风百叶窗,可以保护您的家,同时仍然添加令人愉悦的美学。屏幕非常适合较大的开口,可以定制以适合您的家。
  • 影响窗户和门。These heavy-duty options can protect the weakest points in your home.



Although there is usually a difference in the severity of damage when comparing tropical storms vs hurricanes, all tropical cyclones can cause some damage. All storms have the potential to increase in strength quickly, causing even more problems for those who are caught off-guard. Having storm protection in place for your home will help to keep you and your family safe no matter the rainfall severity and wind speed mph.

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