2 Ways To Upgrade Your Home’s Hurricane Protection for the Upcoming Hurricane Season

Posted by Jimmy Hawleyon Mar 1, 2022 11:55:00 AM

Hurricane season is right around the corner in Southwest Florida, it's time to plan and prepare for hurricane season. June 1st is the official start of hurricane season, which extends through summer and early fall, ending November 30th.

While you’re making your summer bucket list filled with fun vacation plans,make sure your home is prepared不管天气如何!


1. Impact Windows

If your current hurricane preparedness plan includes boarding up your windows, you should considerimpact windows作为一个solution to protect your home. Impact windows are specifically designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and debris of various sizes.

A great option for hurricane window protection is impact glass made with two layers of glass and one sheet of clear Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB), which is tempered to increase strength. These windows are designed to resist small and large missile (flying debris) impacts.

In addition to the glass itself being impact resistant, the window frame is also reinforced to withstand the pressure changes and wind forces associated with a hurricane.

2. Hurricane Shutters

Plywood will not protect your home in the event of a Category 5 hurricane, and can cause more damage.飓风百叶窗are very versatile, they come in different varieties with features that can be customized to your home.

Hurricane shutter options include:

  • Roll down shutters.这些都是永久性地连接到你的家里,并在必要时卷到位。
  • Bahama hurricane shutters.This style is an attractive option that is permanently attached to your home.
  • Accordion hurricane shutters.These are permanently attached to your home and fold back against the sides of the window when not in use.
  • 风暴面板飓风百叶窗。These can be stored and only attached when necessary.


If you’re on a budget, non-permanent storm panel hurricane shutters are a great alternative option and still provide excellent hurricane protection.

Hurricane Protection for Your Windows

Taking the time to fully prepare your home for the all-too-real possibility of a hurricane will help to put your mind at ease and give you confidence going into Florida’s next hurricane season.

To get started, download the freeimpact window pricing guidetoday.

DIY Impact Window Pricing Kit

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